Risk assessment project

DS Smith are a large multinational company which manufactures a variety of types of packaging, I worked with the Gloucester site which produces extruded plastic packaging. I was brought in by the Site Director who was concerned about the quality of the existing risk assessments and wanted reassurance that all risks had been identified and were being controlled and managed.

I spent 16 days on site over 7 months and worked with Production Operatives to complete risk assessments for each Extrusion Line and each piece of machinery in the Conversion Hall. Once these detailed documents were completed, various styles and layouts of summary document were discussed with the Production Operatives – it was really important to take their feedback into account as the final Summary Sheets are going to be used for inductions and internal training.

The final design of Summary Sheet includes a large photo with red arrows highlighting hazards and green arrows highlighting control measures. The explanatory text is also colour coded, with red text explaining the hazards and green text detailing the control measures. This very visual design was chosen to easily and quickly communicate key control measures in a busy 24/7 manufacturing facility.

I found this project very interesting and although it was challenging to assimilate such a lot of information about so many different pieces of machinery (and remember the names of each one!), I was able to use risk assessment methods I had previously used in other situations to ensure that hazards had been identified and the risks controlled.

Blog post about the project

project type
Direct HKW Risk Management project
Health and Safety
16 days on site between October 2016 and May 2017