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Photo of the Jersey shoreline at La Rocque showing the beautify skyline of the road, grass, sea and cloudy blue sky.

Some additional requirements relating to climate change have recently been added to the context clause of ISO 9001, what does this mean for your quality management system?

Quality Management and Climate Change – what’s the connection?

Sustainable Development Goals logo featured image

We’ve chosen some of the UN Sustainable Development Goals and explained what they mean to us

UN Sustainable Development Goals

world earth day 2020

So many hashtags, so little time – a brief guide to Carbon Jargon

COP26: A guide to Carbon Jargon

Graffiti on a hoarding, "If not you, who? If not now, when?"

A look at the decisions and choices I am making to reduce the carbon footprint of HKW Risk Management

COP26: My carbon journey (so far)

Non-conformance tag

Now you’ve found a non-conformance, what do you do next?

Part 2: Uh Uh We found a non-conformance!

Non-conformance tag

A story of an internal audit and how the process approach can help businesses identify efficiencies and improvements.

Part 1: We're going on a non-conformance hunt!

top tips for a successful ISO 45001 migration project

Some ideas for updating and improving your existing OHSAS 18001:2007 health and safety management system to the requirements of the new ISO 45001:2018 standard.

8 Top Tips for a successful ISO 45001 migration project!

With loo roll (or lack of it) featuring in the headlines recently, I thought I’d look at sustainable changes we can make in the Bathroom to reduce our environmental impact.

Sustainability Series – Part 3 – At Home in the Bathroom

plant life

Following on from last week’s Setting the Scene blog post, today I’m looking at the everyday changes we can make At Home in the Kitchen…

Sustainability Series – Part 2 – At Home in the Kitchen