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What happened when my husband and I went on a Behavioural Styles course and why the cliché of opposites attracting turned out to be true – in our case at least!

Opposites attract!

Last week I saw some of mine being sorted at the Suez MRF in Avonmouth

What happens to your recycling?

emergency preparedness - as demonstrated by Playmobil!

Changing threats to our society, businesses, properties and families need changing responses from us and the emergency services - after all it is better to ‘be prepared not scared’.

Emergency Preparedness – how prepared are you?

I love internal auditing and the recent article in IOSH Magazine made me reflect on my auditing practice.

Internal auditing

I finally managed to sort out my work station at home – here’s how I did it...

"I ♥ 2 move it move it"