A book review for World Book Day 2020 - ‘Blogging for Business’ by Amy Morse

Amy Morse is a Bristol based writer who helps you to “Learn To Love Your Words” through helping you to tell your story - after all, storytelling is how people have communicated for millennia:

“Stories are how we learn; stories inspire, stories influence, stories move people - movement means action”.

Amy and I met at one of her really useful ‘Blogging for Business’ workshops and I bought a copy of her book by the same name to keep the inspiration flowing after the event! Amy’s workshop reminded me how much I enjoy writing blogs and the process of learning, reflection and writing that goes into each one.

Amy provides 10 benefits of blogging to you and your business in the ‘Blogging: Why Do It?’ section of her book, some of them resonate with me more than others such as:

No. 1 Improve your writing - “being able to communicate effectively is a key skill”
No. 2 Focus - keeping a blog allows you to process ideas, organise thoughts and concentrate on priorities
No. 3 Research - “Blogging gives you an excuse to research topics that fascinate you. It allows you to be a much more systematic and organised researcher.”

The reasons I write blog posts are:

  • To assimilate new information I’ve learnt following a training course
  • As evidence of Continual Professional Development
  • To give me an opportunity to research something I find interesting and write down what I think about it
  • To share my success stories and build a portfolio of projects I can share with prospective clients
  • To respond to an article I’ve found interesting or to somebody else’s viewpoint
  • As an ex art student, I love taking photos and my blog and Instagram account provide somewhere to put them all!

I’ve found the ‘Blogging for Business’ book a really handy little guide to dip in and out of, there is all sorts of useful information in it including:

  • Why to write a blog post in the first place
  • Top tips for blogging regularly and consistently
  • How to structure a blog post
  • SEO checklist of things to do to increase the likelihood of somebody reading your blog post once you’ve written it!
  • Outline of what an effective blog post looks like (good image, strong title, bullet points and white space are the ones I found most useful)

I think my favourite quote of the book is “the worst thing you’ve written is better than the thing you never wrote” which is a great reminder to just start writing - if you are low on inspiration, Amy’s book includes 120 blog post ideas to get you started so now there is no excuse!

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