Business Values: Why they’re important and our 7 values

In the new year we published an update to our policies, and a blog post on the topic. We covered the aspects needed in a policy statement, including covering what goes into the commitments section. It’s in the commitments statement that we stated, “if you have a set of business values or a purpose / mission statement, reference it here.”

But why is a set of business values important to have, other than making a reference to these in your policy statements?

Business values are the foundation to your mission, your actions, and your decisions. Clear values allow a business to:

  • Have a clear vision of what they’re working towards and how to achieve it
  • Make decisions and commitments in line with their vision and values, keeping actions aligned
  • Ensure the business ethos aligns with your personal ethos and beliefs
  • Communicate your ethos and approach to external parties, including customers

At HKW Risk Management we have 7 values:

1. Keep It Simple

Keep it Simple

So simple it hardly requires an explanation. Our services can involve very complex legal requirements, so we dedicate ourselves to making these simple to understand and translate them into straightforward actions to be followed.

In everything we do at HKW Risk Management we focus on keeping it simple as the best outcomes are achieved when you find the simplest effective solution.

2. Stay Curious

Stay Curious

Curiosity leads to discovery, which is why we continuously stay curious asking how and why. Asking questions and being inspired to find new ideas allows us to find unexpected solutions, options and answers to provide the best steps for improvement and growth.

We are always prioritising learning, believing that we can always learn something new. Our love for learning and spark for curiosity keeps us always improving and developing to offer the best we can.

3. Do The Right Thing

Do The Right Thing

Another simple one, remember we’re keeping it simple! Doing the right thing has always been a core belief to be followed and we ensure we place this at the foremost in our business to lead by example.

All our decisions are lead by ‘doing the right thing’, both in personal and professional behaviours. From our impact on the environment to our professionalism or PPE, we are always putting the right thing first in our decision making.

4. Think Green

Think Green

Our choices all add up to make a difference to our environmental impact, and following on from ‘do the right thing’, we have a responsibility to consider the environmental consequences of our actions and make the best choice.

It’s not always easy to make the best choice for the environment, with so many complexities to consider, but all of our small and big actions add up when we think green. So whether it’s using more digital processes, reducing business travel and using a green energy supplier, in each choice we have we think green.

5. Be Generous

Be Generous

Generosity again is an extension of doing the right thing. We believe in helping people and helping to make a difference.

Whether that’s through helping our clients, sharing our knowledge and expertise generously with the intention of one day no longer being needed, or through charitable donations giving a proportion of profits to St Richard’s Hospice and We Talk Club, we are dedicated to helping others.

6. Have Fun

Have Fun

Most of our work covers serious topics, but we believe it is important to make these subjects accessible and relatable so that we love what we do, make it enjoyable for our clients and build great relationships.

We approach each serious topic with open hearts and a sense of humour.

7. Eat Cake!

Eat Cake

The best value yet! Who doesn’t love cake?!

Eat cake is such a key value at HKW Risk Management we even have each of our team’s favourite cake’s listed on the website!

Helen’s favourite is Millionaires Shortbread, although there is a debate over whether this counts as a cake or a biscuit… maybe she’ll just have to pick two.

What’s your favourite cake?

As you can see from our values, they should be personal to you and your business. When selecting business values or updating your current ones it’s important to make sure they reflect the ethos of the business and the people in the business… and to make them fun and enjoyable!

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