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Close up of the padlocks locked to the ‘horn bridge’ in Bristol (which apparently is actually called Pero’s Bridge) This was the most appropriate photo I’ve found in my collection to represent privacy - despite the padlocks actually representing a public declaration of love between two people (who may or not may still be together.)

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last few months, you may have heard about a little thing called GDPR or to give it its full name the General Data Protection Regulation. There is lots of information all over the internet about this, but the most dependable source is the Information Commissioner’s Office which has pages and pages dedicated to GDPR.

HWK Risk Management is a Business to Business organisation and the only personal data we keep is business related (i.e work emails and phone numbers) and is kept for the purposes of providing a quote, a proposal and / or for fulfilling a contract or project. We also like to introduce interesting people to other interesting people but we ask permission from both sides before going ahead with the introduction.

We have written a Privacy Policy which can be found here.

Now we’ll leave you to carry on emptying your inbox of all those consent emails….

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