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There are things you are worried about - you are concerned that you haven’t identified and managed key business risks

Risk management is a key business process, and one you will already be doing automatically to a certain extent. However, you may be unsure whether you have identified all the risks and highlighted the ones needing further action to manage. By using SWOT and PESTLE analysis tools to identify what is going on inside and outside your business, we build a risk register which gives you the information you need to understand your business risk profile and manage it to an acceptable level.

You need to get one of those ‘ISOs’ to tender for bigger projects or gain access to a new market or bigger clients

Ah yes, those ISO things! They involve lots of numbers and slightly obscure language but essentially provide a structure to organise and manage your business. Once your management system is in place, it can be certified by an accredited certification body, which demonstrates to your customers that you are committed to effective management and continual improvement. Holding ISO certification is often a requirement to work with larger customers (particularly in construction and engineering) or gain access to the defence supply chain.

Your business is growing quickly, but the support ‘stuff’ just isn’t keeping up with the operational speed

This is common, often businesses have grown, changed and developed but are still using the original documentation, information and processes which are no longer fit for purpose. By using the structure and requirements of the ISO standards, we can update the management system to make it more effective and easier to use.

Your business is working well, (things are going out and money is coming in) but key activities seem to be done in a different way by different people, there is no consistency

This starts to become a problem when your business is big enough to have more than a few people doing the same task! Consistency is key to providing what your customer wants in the time frame that they want it in. By using the ‘process approach' you can have the assurance that things are being done as they should be.

You’ve had a complaint from a key customer

This started at least one improvement project – the threat of losing a key customer is usually enough to galvanise most companies into action. In this situation, we start with an investigation and root cause analysis to work out what has gone wrong. We then work with the relevant people (from the shop floor upwards) to identify suitable, long lasting solutions which will prevent the problem occurring again

You are not sure if your data and management information is providing you with ‘one version of the truth’

Every business has data and information, every business is generally measuring something – but is all that information telling you anything useful? We look at the context of your business (what is going on inside and outside it), identify the risks and key processes to control them, then design useful objectives which tell you what you need to know.

You can’t find anything (information, documents, templates etc) easily and quickly

This is a typical one, take a close look at the way most companies have ‘organised’ the folder structure on their server or cloud and it will probably make you wince. One client memorably described their server as ‘the knicker drawer of filing’! Although management systems are far more than documentation, the documents / information / templates people need to do things with are often the bit that gets the most attention – usually for the basic reason of not being able to find something quickly. We design a simple and straightforward folder architecture and filing structure so you can find the information you need, when you need it

You’d like to have the odd Friday afternoon off or a holiday without worrying about what is happening / not happening at work

A well-constructed management system provides you with the assurance that the information and governance structure is in place, so you no longer need to be personally involved in everything. By setting sensible objectives, putting the processes in place to achieve them and auditing those processes, you can be confident that things are working as they should be.

We provide assurance to our clients that risks are being managed as they should be. There are common themes and concerns behind all our projects – do any of the following statements resonate with you and what your business needs now? If they do, contact us for a conversation about how we can help.

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