Risk assessment project

I am currently working on a Risk Assessment project at the DS Smith Gloucester plant. This project was initiated by the Site Director who was concerned about the quality of the existing risk assessments and wanted reassurance that all risks had been identified and were being controlled and managed. While I have spent time with the senior management team to fully understand their concerns and aims for the project, I have spent most the time on site with the Area Team Leaders and production line Operatives, working with them to identify the high-risk areas of the manufacturing process and deciding on appropriate control measures. This has resulted in a number of detailed risk assessments and the remaining days of the project are focused on the creation of summary sheets which highlight the hazards and the control measures of each area in a visual way. These summary sheets are designed to use as part of in house training as well as to highlight key safety information in a way which is quick and easy for the production Operatives to understand in a busy 24 / 7 manufacturing environment.

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