What is it?

ISO 50001 is the international standard for Energy Management Systems; the purpose being to establish systems and processes that improve energy performance, including defining a baseline, monitoring, interpreting and taking action to increase efficiency and reduce consumption. This standard aligns with the Plan – Do – Check – Act framework and common elements of other ISO standards, ensuring compatibility with other systems such as ISO 9001 and 14001.

Who would benefit?

Any organisation that wants to understand, plan and manage down their energy use. This is not limited just to large industrial energy users; any company that owns or manages their own property, plant and equipment can see benefits from applying the ISO standard to managing this risk. An ISO 50001 system can also satisfy the requirements of mandatory legal obligations on large companies (eg. SECR or ESOS) thereby removing the need for additional monitoring and reporting work to demonstrate compliance.

How will it improve your organisation?

By adopting a structured approach to understanding, measuring and managing energy use, a business has the tools to proactively seek continuous improvement in their energy performance. This will lead not only to reduced business overhead costs, but also improved productivity, enhanced competitiveness, better informed investment in property or plant, and improved performance against sustainability ambitions.

You can learn more about the ISO 50001:2015 standard on iso.org

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