Ewan Cohen

Quality Consultant and Auditor

I am an authorised AEA AATT Auditor approved to conduct 3rd party audits against Aerospace, Space and Defence requirements. I have worked with a wide range of companies in different sectors including Aircraft manufacture and maintenance, Defense aircraft and systems, avionics, Manufacturing and design, including owning a number of businesses within the wholesale and services industries. In an audit or consultancy capacity, i always strive to achieve the right balance between ensuring activities are future proof, effective and compliant, whilst remaining pragmatic in my approach to ensure businesses can successfully achieve the results needed in order to remain competitive and productive. I am honest, open and willing to ask difficult questions in order to bring about necessary change and improvement where required.

Random fact

I was ranked 205th in the world in the World rollerblading League

Favourite PASTIME(s)

Carrying out charity work, and walking around in flip flops on a warm sunny day in a Cornish village somewhere

Favourite cake

Carrot cake
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