Leanne Matthews

Office Wrangler

I'm Leanne Matthews and I run Purple Frogs Virtual Assistants where it is our job to make your job a little easier! Myself and Samantha support HKW Risk Management by taking some of the daily time-consuming admin off Helen's hands so she can focus on the important parts of her business, i.e. simplifying her clients processes – basically she makes your job easier and we make her job easier!

Random fact

I am a Trekkie and when I am feeling the pressure I will often ask myself "What would Captain Janeway do?"

Favourite PASTIME(s)

Buying books. I love buying books as much as I love reading books!

Favourite cake

Lemon drizzle
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Helen Waddington

Management team; Quality, Environmental, Health and Safety Consultant and Auditor.

David Trevelyan

Quality, Environmental, Sustainability and Information Security Consultant and Auditor

Eoin McQuone

Sustainability and Carbon Footprint Consultant

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Kris Atkins

Environmental Consultant and Auditor

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Quality and Environmental Consultant and Auditor

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Quality, Environmental, Health and Safety Consultant and Auditor

Leanne Matthews

Office Wrangler