12 days of Christmas – Part 3

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January 5, 2018

On the 11th day of Christmas my consultant gave to me 11 potential areas for identifying improvements:

  1. Customer feedback – what do they like? Can you do it even better?
  2. Audit results – both internal / external, any ‘opportunities for improvement’ identified?
  3. Customer complaints – nobody likes getting them, but can you prevent the same thing happening again?
  4. Discussions and actions from management meetings
  5. Achievement (or not!) of Objectives – what are you going to next / instead?
  6. Changes in legal or compliance or contractual obligations – are improvements required to meet these new / enhanced requirements?
  7. Changes in your market – what are your competitors doing?
  8. Changes in equipment / technology – can you do something better / quicker / easier than before?
  9. Changes in infrastructure – can you re-arrange your existing workplace to make things more efficient?
  10. What is going on around you? Are there changes in external context that you can take advantage of?
  11. What do your employees think? What ideas have they got?

On the 12th day of Christmas my consultant gave to me 12 agenda items for a management review: (actually 13, but I’m not sure if anybody is still reading and counting by this point!)

  1. Status of actions from previous Management Reviews?
  2. Any changes in strategic direction?
  3. Any changes in context? If there are, do they affect the management system?
  4. Any changes in risks and opportunities? Have any actions been effective?
  5. Performance and effectiveness of the management system
  6. Progress towards meeting objectives
  7. Non-conformities – any trends? Have effective actions been taken?
  8. Monitoring and measuring – what is being monitored and measured? What are the results?
  9. Internal and external audit results – any actions required?
  10. Suppliers – anybody on the naughty step? Anybody performing well?
  11. Are resources adequate?
  12. Any opportunities for Improvement?
  13. And the final, most important agenda item - does the management system continue to be suitable, adequate and effective?

If you have made it this far – well done and thank you!

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