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It's Bees' Needs Week | July 8th-14th!
This week is all about celebrating our fuzzy friends, the bees, and the crucial role they play in our environment. From the juicy strawberries on your breakfast table to the crunchy almonds in your granola, bees are responsible for pollinating a third of the food we eat!
But these buzzing beauties are facing some big challenges. Habitat loss, pesticide use, and climate change all threaten bee populations. The good news? There are many ways we can help! Read below as we explore simple steps you can take to support bees and keep their vital work buzzing along.

Buzzing with Appreciation: Celebrating Bees' Needs Week (July 8th-14th)

Photo of the Jersey shoreline at La Rocque showing the beautify skyline of the road, grass, sea and cloudy blue sky.

Some additional requirements relating to climate change have recently been added to the context clause of ISO 9001, what does this mean for your quality management system?

Quality Management and Climate Change – what’s the connection?

We asked the Compliance Group for book recommendations for World Book Day 2023 and this is the result…

World Book Day 2023 | Book Recommendations

Sustainable Development Goals logo featured image

We’ve chosen some of the UN Sustainable Development Goals and explained what they mean to us

UN Sustainable Development Goals

In July each year you can join the global movement that is Plastic Free July! This campaign helps raise awareness and offers ways and initiatives to eliminate the use of single-use plastic. And on the 3rd of July specifically, people are encouraged to not use plastic bags and to raise awareness of the dangers of plastic pollution and the effects on the future.

Plastic Free July 2022

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In the final week of our 30 Days Wild campaign, we are looking at ways of getting more nature into our working lives.

#30DaysWild - Part 3 - Green Week

30dayswild image

This week of our 30 Days Wild campaign, we are looking at a range of top tips for businesses to help the environment

#30DaysWild - Part 2 - Brown Week

30dayswild image

This week of our 30 Days Wild campaign, we are looking at what businesses can do to save water and contribute to the circular economy

#30DaysWild - Part 1 - Blue Week

We only have one Earth. As our planet faces a triple planetary emergency, World Environment Day and the Wildlife Trust’s 30 Days Wild campaigns focus on bringing awareness and positive change to our planet.

Only One Earth

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