And the winner of the most overused and annoying word of 2020 goes to...... unprecedented!  These are indeed unprecedented times, but a little piece of my soul dies every time I read that phrase - particularly early in the pandemic, when every company I had ever bought anything from sent me an email telling me […]

U is for Unprecedented

Top Management is a term prevalent in Compliance circles, particularly in international standards. It refers to the Business Leaders, Senior Executives, SMTs, Directors, The Board, – each company may use different terminology but it refers to those who steer the company vision and direction, make policy, strategy and commercial decisions and take responsibility and accountability […]

T is for Top Management

The term Sustainability has been common business parlance for a long time now and has become a powerful, unifying concept for how business and society can exist and grow in harmony with the complex environmental systems that we reply on. The term Sustainability has also suffered from over-use and often ambiguous or tenuous application (see […]

S is for Sustainability

Well it had to be really didn’t it? It is in the company name after all! To me, there is an important difference between risk management and risk assessment. Risk assessment is the daily process of identifying hazards, the associated risks and the required control measures - for example: Hazard – working in a chimney- […]

R is for Risk Management

Where do I start?! This topic is so broad and can mean so many different things, from that shoddy quality broken package that arrived from Amazon to the best quality Christmas Pudding for our Socially distanced Christmas dinner. We have all experienced varying levels of quality in the goods and services we buy, but this […]

Q is for Quality

Processes exist in every element in life. Whether its your morning routine, or sales order process or manufacturing and assembling products. Documenting processes can be an excellent tool, however there are some really important rules that are worth applying: Develop a process mapping control, this ensures your process mapping approach is consistent Processes must be […]

P is for Process

Setting Objectives is an important Top Management activity and one that sometimes isn't given the attention it deserves! Good objectives are based on an understanding of the context of the organisation (i.e. what is going on outside and inside the business) as well as on the risks needing to be controlled and the opportunities to […]

O is for Objectives

(Or Non-conformity – let’s not get into that debate now!) A non-conformance describes a failure to meet a requirement, it might be a business requirement, a customer requirement or a regulatory requirement. Whilst NCs are never a good thing, trend analysis of NCs can be a vital indicator to a Management Team of the extent […]

N is for Non-conformance

Next up in our A-Z! For some, the image of a quality manual is a dusty lever arch file that gets shoved on a high shelf in the Quality Office, the dust ceremoniously blown off in a bit of a panic a few days before the annual ISO surveillance visit, it’s probably not been looked […]

M is for Manual